Lightened-Up Veggie Ramen Bowls

By Ashley Jennings | Last Updated: May 13, 2017

Ramen BowlsRamen Bowls

I have a complete soft spot for any type of noodle bowl. Between the flavorful broth, the veggies, those slurp-able noodles! They are incredibly hard not to love. And then there’s the fact that they tend to be filling yet also light, a combination that I can never turn down.

Ramen in particular seems to be quite trendy these days, but living in a small town, there are no great places that serve it nearby. Which leaves me with the option of making it at home instead. While traditional ramen broth is slow-cooked for several hours, I like to keep things as simple and quick as possible when making it myself. By using a combo of vegetable broth, soy sauce, miso, garlic and fresh ginger, you’ll wind up with a broth that is packed with flavor but doesn’t take very long to cook.

To keep things on the lighter side, this version is also packed with plenty of veggies – carrots, shiitake mushrooms and a good amount of bok choy. With the ramen noodles and soft boiled eggs for topping, these bowls are right around 370 calories per serving. They’ll fill you up, but won’t leave you all weighed down.

Now, a few notes on the recipe. My local mainstream grocery store sells dry ramen noodles that come on their own—i.e. not the instant kind that come with the flavor packets. But you could certainly use those instead. If you do, discard the flavor packets and simmer until just tender (the cook time may vary slightly, so just taste and see!).

Additionally, this ramen could easily be customized with different veggies depending on what you have on hand. Feel free to experiment and find your favorite combination!

If desired, you could absolutely leave off the soft boiled eggs to cut down on calories or to keep these bowls vegan. If you are vegan, be sure to check the ingredients on both the ramen and miso paste as not all brands are vegan friendly.

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